Farmers’ Market Finds: Dips, Pickles, Food Vendors and more

By Kaye Warr / Photography By Jenny Acheson | April 01, 2015
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There’s nothing better than strolling through a farmers’ market sampling fresh jewel-toned produce and admiring beautiful handmade clothing and jewelry. The aromas in the air are intoxicating and there’s a kind of music in the easy conversations and jovial chatter. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite recent Farmers’ Market Finds, just in case you need convincing.

Delicious Gourmet Dips

Bradenton Farmers’ Market

We can’t get enough of our condiments at Edible Sarasota. Sometimes we think that bread and crackers and vegetables exist merely as vehicles for jams and sauces and dips. Our favorite dips are 100% natural and can be found at the Bradenton Farmers’ Market or ordered online from Delicious Gourmet Dips. There are over 30 delectable flavors to choose from including the tangy bite of Wasabi Lime Mustard, the savory Cheedar and Ale, and the decadent White Chocolate Raspberry.

Essence of the Heart

Bradenton Farmers’ Market

Laura McSeaton has been a nurse for over 30 years and she’s also certified in holistic medicine and aromatherapy. Her product line features essential oils designed to promote healing and a natural approach to skin and health care. Her three goat-milk soaps—Comfort, Goddess, and Granny’s Oatmeal—feature organic ingredients such a powdered goat milk, coconut oil, spiked lavender, and raw honey. Ingredients are chosen with care and combined to maximize their healing and soothing properties.

The Vermont Sugarbush

Venice Farmers’ Market

Sarasota Farmers’ Market visitors may have noticed a sweet absence in the past couple of months. A syrupy void left by The Vermont Sugarbush owners Drew and Christina Kacik when they relocated back to Vermont. All is not lost, however, as Suzanne Andrews of Mother’s Cupboard in Venice still carries the 100% natural and sustainable “liquid gold” that is this particular maple syrup, made by a small farm in Vermont. I’m told you can also taste the syrup in cocktails at The Cottage on Siesta Key and Clasico in Downtown Sarasota.

Sunshine Canning

Bradenton Farmers’ Market
Central Sarasota Farmers' Market

Lisa Fulk remembers watching as her grandmother made jams and other treats in her kitchen as a little girl. She and her two children, Elijah and Violet, use to go strawberry picking at a local farm and one day a surplus of strawberries caused her to begin making her own jams. She soon branched out to pickling and Sunshine Canning was born. Lisa works closely with Geraldson Farms and Darwin’s Brewing Company to make gourmet pickles such as dill pickles brined in Darwin’s Summadayze IPA or kohlrabi turnips from Geraldson Farms pickled in an addictive spicy ginger brine.

Morgan's Canteen & Cooker

Sarasota Farmers’ Market
Phillippi Farmhouse Market

There’s a sign on the front of mobile food vendor Morgan’s Canteen & Cookery that reads “Thus Spoke Zarathustra. Say my name. I did it for me. I liked it. I was good at it. And I was really—I was alive.” The sign gives the impression that this is a passion project and the delicious food cooked on the flat top and presented to enthusiastic patrons underscores that impression. Merritt Morgan lost his job in 2010 and decided to take the opportunity to do something that he really loved. Morgan’s is “Americana with a Twist” and the fresh, simple ingredients and varied menu—everything from omelets to gyros to frogs’ legs—keep us coming back for more.


Phillippi Farmhouse Market

Bob and Jackie Page are on a mission to rid the world of acidity. Bob and Jackie have been married for 25 years and Jackie opened Bob’s eyes to the shortage of healthy, clean products, and education in the American diet. Jackie managed health food stores but she couldn’t find a product that she believed was pure enough to be beneficial. One day in 2004 she stumbled upon Immunesolution Wheat Grass Elixir at a flea market and she experienced a “Eureka!” moment. This elixir is truly magical, as Bob will tell you, brimming with vitality and enthusiasm as he extolls the virtues of the Organic Kamut Blend. “We sell this product because we’ve seen the results. People feel better, they look better, and that makes us happy”.

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