Farmers’ Market Finds: Candles, Chocolates, Jerky and more

By Kaye Warr / Photography By Daniel Perales | July 01, 2015
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There’s nothing quite so charming as a farmers’ market. There’s easy banter floating in the air, mixing with the aromas of fresh savory crepes, chocolates, plants, and handmade candles. Wandering from booth to booth one can stock up on supplies for dinner, gifts for beloved pets, unique home accents, and stylish handmade accessories. These are a few of our favorite things.

Sarasota Candle Company

Sarasota Farmers’ Market

We like to start a morning at the market with a giggle. Drew of Sarasota Candle Company is not only a talented candle craftsman, but he’s also something of a comedian. The candles are beautiful and natural with names and flavors ranging from the ridiculous to the sublime. The floating coconut candles are filled with palm wax and who could resist a sky-blue candle named for a Sarasota Breeze?

farmer market

Sarasota Farmers’ Market

If you’re looking for a hand-held, fast food treat made with good-for-you ingredients, look no further. Roverta’s crazy crepes are lovingly made to order using fresh, seasonal produce. These are an incredibly popular choice and people line up for their favorites. There’s a variety of savory and sweet options like bacon, egg, and cheese or banana and chocolate with fresh whipped cream.

Venice Farmers’ Market

Did you know that pickle juice is purported to cure heartburn, hangovers, and reduce PMS symptoms? We learned this fun fact perusing Pickles Plus’ page—on Facebook, that is. Pickles Plus has been a staple at the Venice Farmers’ Market since 2005 and the “plus” in Pickles Plus is raw, unprocessed honey and some utterly yummy homemade preserves. Come for the pickles and stay for the plus—you’re sure to enjoy this booth as much as we do.

Sarasota Farmers’ Market

Sarasota Sorbet features fruit sorbets served in their natural shells but there’s plenty more to this booth than just frosty confections. Mary is an inspired chocolatier and you can’t go wrong with flavors like key lime truffles, sea salt and caramel, or our favorite extra-spicy sweets: chocolate covered with ghost pepper salt! As their banner declares, “Life is uncertain, eat dessert first!”

Sarasota Farmers’ Market
Phillippi Farmhouse Market

Calling all carnivores: Dave of Big D’s Jerky has you covered with his high-quality, all-USDA, no-filler dried meats. Big D’s has a variety of flavored beef jerkys, from teriyaki to peppered, but he also carries more exotic options such as elk, venison, and buffalo. We like to keep this enjoyable jerky on hand as a post workout snack or to curb late night munchies.

farmer market

Sarasota Farmers’ Market

Aquaponics is the term for an incredible symbiotic system whereby plants extract nutrients from waste water created by fish, thereby purifying the water, which is then recycled back to the fish. David’s Aquaponics utilizes hundreds of tilapia housed in David’s backyard to grow the fresh spinach and lettuce that he then sells at the market. Who needs an entire farm to be a farmer? Not David!

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