Megan Greenberg

There’s really only one thing you need to know about Megan: the girl likes to eat.  Trust me.  I am Megan.  And, chances are, I’m eating right now as you read this.  In fact, I’m always eating.  Or dreaming about eating.  Or cooking.  Or shopping for food.  Or reading recipes the way some read Shakespeare.  To me, food – real food from abundant gardens and high quality heritage meats from family farms and, well, chocolate, of course – are what life’s about.  Meals are where memories are made and may my tombstone read: ‘Here lies Megan.  She made great memories.’  I believe, with all things in life, passion must be the main ingredient.  Where there is passion there is flavor.  And flavor is worth writing about.  So, that about covers it… I love to write about eating great food.  


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