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Earth's Thunderstorm in a Bottle

By / Photography By Jenny Acheson | April 03, 2017
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These days the bottled water industry tends to make it a little bit easier to check “drink more water” off our health to-do lists. Options include water with added electrolytes and minerals; water infused with fruit juices; even water kicked with a bit of caffeine.

But what started out as a science experiment in chemist and mechanical engineer Rob Gourley’s Myakka Valley Ranch workshop might just be the consumable water industry’s best-kept secret. It’s called Watt-Ahh (say “water” with a Boston accent) and it is an ultra-purified water given its own energy boost—polarized to contain extra electrons, Gourley says. The result is great-tasting powerhouse water that offers efficient hydration and facilitates healing. Watt-Ahh isn’t just for drinking either. Other uses, Gourley says, include food production, topical wound care and even cosmetic manufacturing.

Gourley had been researching the energy potential of water for decades when he developed an alternative gas from water. By running liquid water through an electromagnetic field he was able to add electrons to the hydrogen side of H2O, creating what Gourley and partner Ted Suratt called SG (“Suratt Gourley”) Gas.

“Rob discovered a way to produce this stable, benign, very useful gas and do it time and time again with the perfect amount of watts and amps,” says wife and business partner Dana Gourley.

But he didn’t stop at gas.

“He was trying to figure out what to do with this perfect gas and he said ‘Well, why don’t I just bubble it back into its cousin the liquid water and see what it does?’”

Rob and Dana started giving friends and relatives samples of water which was bubbled with SG Gas. Not only did people love the taste, many said they even felt better after drinking it. Encouraged by their taste testers, the Gourleys bottled it and took it to market. That was nine years ago. For the last decade, the Gourleys have kept their main focus on the technology behind creating Watt-Ahh, which they say can start from any source of water (even saltwater) and they’ve continued research on the potential for applications of both SG Gas and Watt-Ahh.

They have several university studies about the enriched water’s ability to carry other compounds, which means better vitamin absorption. They also have licensed wound care manufacturers using, Gourley says, it because it stabilizes unstable compounds.

Although the science behind Watt-Ahh may seem complicated to some, Dana Gourley says it all boils (or bubbles) down to electrons.

“We are like batteries,” she says. “We don’t think of ourselves that way because we are so tuned in to our biology side, but when you think about our cells—we run like an electromagnetic machines and we need a balance of positive and negative charges.” Constant exposure to oxidative stress, which is positively charged, causes our bodies to become unbalanced, she says.

“The body is so amazing because it has the tools,” she says. “About six months ago, Rob made a statement that [the body] just needs the energy to activate those tools.’”

That’s where Watt-Ahh can help.

“You are drinking the purest water you can get your hands on,” she says.

Bottled Watt-Ahh is created using a five step process.

First it’s put through a particulate and carbon filtration, next comes reverse osmosis filtration, followed by deionization or steam distillation, which makes it a pharmaceutical-grade water ready for electro-magnification. Then after six hours of bubbling with the SG Gas using the Gourley’s patent-pending machine, Watt-Ahh is filtered one last time before it’s bottled.

“This water with its geeky type of background, it tastes like really outstanding water,” says Dana Gourley.

Hydro-fortified water could also offer huge potential for improvement of growing foods.

Dana Gourley, who is a botanist, says our terrestrial plants have evolved and become full of lignans, which transport water through their vascular system. The more lignans a plant has the harder it is for humans to breakdown it down upon consumption.

But in one study using Watt-Ahh to grow barley for racehorses, they’ve seen promising results: denser nutrient profiles such as carbohydrates and proteins.

“It’s pretty amazing to be able to produce foods that are more bioavailable for our bodies,” she says.

Although Dana Gourley says each person’s hydration needs are different based on many factors, benefits can most likely be felt with a half to two liters a day of Watt-Ahh. She also suggests using it when making coffee or tea as it tends to reduce the need for sweeteners or added flavorings.

“We have one doctor who says Watt-Ahh is good for whatever ails you,” she says.

Visit aquanew.com to read studies and testimonials about what Watt-ahh is being used on and for … it’s rather impressive.


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